Thursday, November 11, 2010

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts
Do you have more than one Gmail account? I know I do: One for personal use, and another which I use when I register for a website (to ensure my personal email is not spammed till the end of time). Previously, Gmail accounts have only allowed users to access a single account at a single time when using the same web browser. Last Thursday, however, Google changed that by enabling multiple account sign-in, allowing users to access multiple Gmail accounts at the same time within the same browser. To enable multiple account sign-in, log in at and under "profile" select "Multiple sign-in". At the moment, this feature is only available for desktop browsers and not all Google Services currently support multiple account sign-in.

The Google Street View Pedestrian Remover
In March, I mentioned in my article that the European Union's Data Protection Directive had ordered Google to delete their Street View pictures after six months, because retaining those images for a year may violate individual privacy laws inside the European Union. It appears as though one computer science graduate student in California has developed a possible solution for Google, though. Graduate student Arturo Flores, at the University of California, San Diego, has written a paper titled, "Removing pedestrians from Google Street View images" and has created a proof-of-concept computer system. The system removes pedestrians from Google Street View images and replaces the holes with an image of what may have appeared behind the pedestrian. Although the system is not yet perfect, it does provide a basis for removing individuals from Google Street View images, as well as other online pictures to ensure better online privacy.


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