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JAWS Version 12.0.1158 Portable 32bit - Full

JAWS (an acronym for Job Access With Speech) is a screen reader, a software program for visually impaired users, produced by the Blind and Low Vision Group at Freedom Scientific of St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Its purpose is to make personal computers using Microsoft Windows accessible to blind and visually impaired users. It accomplishes this by providing the user with access to the information displayed on the screen via text-to-speech or by means of a Braille display and allows for comprehensive keyboard interaction with the computer.

What is a USB thumb drive?

A USB thumb drive is a small, portable storage device that plugs into your computer's USB port. USB thumb drives hold much more data than a floppy disk, and you can easily transfer files to and from them, unlike a CD. USB thumb drives are available in a number of different sizes. Common sizes include 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB.

What is the difference between a USB thumb drive, a USB flash drive, and a USB pen drive?

These are all essentially the same type of device. Different manufacturers use different terms, but they are all external storage devices that you can plug into your computer's USB port. This version of JAWS can also be run from external USB hard drives. There are even reports of users installing this version on their iPods and running it on their computers.

Why would I want to run JAWS and MAGic from a USB thumb drive?

Running JAWS and MAGic from a USB thumb drive lets you use the software on any computer without installing it, provided that the video intercept is installed. This means that you can use the applications on a computer without performing a full installation of the program or configuring it.

More importantly, you can save your favorite settings on the USB thumb drive and then carry them with you anywhere you go. When you plug your thumb drive into any computer where an authorized copy of JAWS or MAGic is already installed, you have the benefit of using the full product version with all of your favorite settings, including scripts, dictionary files, configuration files, and more. Furthermore, because data can be written to the USB thumb drive, you can change these settings at any time.

This functionality is quite useful if you work on a variety of different computers during the day or week. Carrying your settings on the USB thumb drive means that any computer can be instantly configured just the way you like it.

Do I need to purchase a specific brand of USB thumb drive?

No, you can use any Windows-compatible USB flash drive with these versions of JAWS and MAGic. The drive must have at least 128 MB of free space. In addition, when extracting and installing an application directly from a thumb drive, the process may be slower on some brands of drive (such as San Disk).

What version of Windows do I need?

The computer must be running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Home, Media Center, or Professional Edition if you want to run JAWS or MAGic from a USB thumb drive.

How do I set up a computer to work with JAWS on a USB thumb drive?

All you need to do is install the JAWS video intercept on the computer. Freedom Scientific has created a special executable file that installs only these components on the computer. Just download and copy the JAWS/MAGic video intercept executable file to your thumb drive. You then run it to install the necessary video components on the computer. You must have administrative rights to the computer in order to complete the installation.

Note: You may need sighted assistance to install video intercept. If the computer has Windows Narrator installed, you can use this program to help you.

What if I do not have administrative rights to the computer?

If you do not have administrative rights to the computer, you cannot install the video intercept tool on the computer. You won't be able to use the application from a thumb drive with that computer unless an administrator installs the components or applications for you.

How do I get started?

The following briefly describes the process for downloading and installing the full thumb drive release.

  1. Connect your USB thumb drive to your computer.
  2. Download and install one or both thumb drive executable files to your thumb drive.
  3. Download the video intercept executable to your thumb drive.
  4. Unplug the USB thumb drive, plug it into another computer, and then follow the prompts.

Can I use a synthesizer other than Eloquence?

Yes, you can use any SAPI 4, SAPI 5, or RealSpeak Solo Direct synthesizer with JAWS or MAGic for USB thumb drives, as long as that synthesizer has been installed on the computer.

Note: If the selected SAPI synthesizer becomes unavailable, the software will begin using Eloquence.

Download JAWS or MAGic for USB Thumb Drives

The following briefly describes how to first download and install the thumb drive application, second, download the video intercept driver, and third, start the thumb drive application on another computer.

Video Intercept Download

Note: The video intercept driver is valid for English JAWS versions 9 through 12 and MAGic 11. If you are using a localized version, please consult with your distributor or support before installing.

  1. Select the video intercept link (32-bit
  2. When the dialog box opens, choose Save and save the file to the root of your thumb drive. (If needed, this file will let you install the video intercept driver on any computer that does not already have it installed.) Click here to download JAWS 32-bit Video Intercept (38 MB)

Start Thumb Drive Application

  1. Unplug the USB thumb drive and plug it into a different computer. Windows automatically displays a dialog box asking what action you want to take next. Select "Start JAWS" or "Start MAGic" and then press ENTER. If this dialog does not appear, press WINDOWS Key+R, type "X:\JAWSY" or "X:\MAGicY" (where X is the drive letter assigned to your thumb drive, and Y is the number of your release) and press ENTER.

Note: If the video intercept has not been installed on the computer, choose the Cancel button when the Autorun dialog box displays. Next, press WINDOWS Key+R, type "X:\FSVideoIntercept.exe" where X is the drive letter assigned to your thumb drive), and press ENTER. This installs the necessary JAWS and MAGic video components on the computer. You must have administrative privileges to install these files.

  1. You can now use JAWS or MAGic just as if it were installed on the computer's hard disk drive. Any settings changes that you make are saved on the USB thumb drive so that you can use them next time. When you are finished working on the computer, quit JAWS or MAGic and remove the drive from the USB slot.

Size: 22.2 MB (23,353,100 bytes)

Click here to download JAWS Version 12.0.1158 Portable 32bit - Full.rar


Monday, May 9, 2011

Slow Down

One day a policeman stopped a motorist who had just gone through a four way stop sign and was about to give him a ticket when the motorist said. "Officer you can't give me a ticket for that!' "Why not" said the officer. "Because although I did not stop I slowed right down and its almost the same." "But you did not stop" replied the officer, "and the sign says STOP." "But the way was clear and it was safe" replied the motorist. The officer then pulls out his batton and starts hitting the motorist. "What are you doing!" yells the motorist in surprise. "Do you want me to slow down or stop" says the officer.

Is that what heaven is really like?

There were two lovers, who were really into spiritualism and reincarnation. They vowed that if either died, the other one remaining would try to contact the partner in the other world exactly 30 days after their death. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, the young man died in a car wreck. True to her word, his sweetheart tried to contact him in the spirit world exactly 30 days later. At the seance, she called out, "John, John, this is Martha. Do you hear me?" A ghostly voice answered her, "Yes Martha, this is John. I can hear you." Martha tearfully asked, "Oh John, what is it like where you are?" "It's beautiful. There are azure skies, a soft breeze, sunshine most of the time." "What do you do all day?" asked Martha. "Well, Martha, we get up before sunrise, eat some good breakfast, and there's nothing but making love until noon. After lunch, we nap until two and then make love again until about five. After dinner, we go at it again until we fall asleep about 11 p.m." Martha was somewhat taken aback. "Is that what heaven really is like?" "Heaven? I'm not in heaven, Martha." "Well, then, where are you?" "I'm a rabbit in Arizona."

College Grad's Starting Salary

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Person asked a young engineer who was fresh out of MIT, "What starting salary were you thinking about?" The Engineer said, "In the neighborhood of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package." The interviewer said, "Well, what would you say to a package of 5 weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every 2 years - say, a red Corvette?" The Engineer sat up straight and said, "Wow! Are you kidding?" The interviewer replied, "Yeah, but you started it."

Lawyer at the Pearly Gates

One day, a teacher, a garbage collector and a lawyer wound up together at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter informed them that in order to get into Heaven, they would each have to answer one question. St. Peter addressed the teacher and asked, "What was the name of the ship that crashed into an iceberg? They just made a movie about it." The teacher answered quickly, "That would be the Titanic." St. Peter let him through the gate. St. Peter turned to the garbage man and decided to make the question a little harder, "How many people died on the ship?" Fortunately for him, the trash man had just seen the movie and answered, "About 1,500." "That's right! You may enter." St. Peter then turned to the lawyer. "Name them."


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